Sunday, June 29, 2008

Si Beh Heng

Winter no leaves

It's winter now. Weather here is quite chilly.

Went shopping around town yesterday. The annoying thing about winter is having to lug around heavy anti-cold coats. Outside we have no choice but to wear them, but inside the shops we'll have hang it on our hands while we browse around. Damn nuisance.



The GF loves Twix chocolate bars. So we'll definitely grab some during promotions. Recently they organized a lucky draw competition offering free bars and guess what?

We won!

Yeah we won a free Twix chocolate bar. Muahaha This has to be the highlight of the week. We're actually kinda lucky when the prizes are small, such as a chocolate bar, a bar of soap, free newspaper etc etc. But our luck runs out when it comes to jackpots, 4D, shares, casinos.

We're lucky (SMALL) but no lucky (BIG), that's what I like to call us.

Until another letter appeared in the letter box,

$30,000 cash winner?

It's addressed to the GF. Apparently we're in the running and could stand to be one of the winners. haha. Fat chance but we'll be keeping our fingers cross. Maybe our lucks are changing. ;p

Saturday, June 28, 2008


After our luxurious pampering of our souls (soles) we decided to tapao some dinner on the way back to the hotel, running late.

Stall selling "Food X"

Now there are tons of food stalls just footsteps from our hotel, which is why I love Pratunam so much. The convenience is a bliss.

Seafood stall

Check out the prawns

We've read about these huge-ass prawns in forums but couldn't find them last year. And imagine how joyful we were when we spotted them last night on the way to Somboon. ;p

The moment we laid eyes on them, we knew we had to have them for dinner.

BBQ Prawns - 100Baht for (5)

100Baht for 5 is so cheap, but I bet you can find them cheaper elsewhere as Pratunam is a tourist area. I had one of these in Singapore for SGD$2.00 each, not that huge though.

Posing with da prawns

Seafood Delight

Now heaven would be the term to describe this dish. First and foremost look at the size of them. Refer to palm for reference. As you take a bite into the hugemongous head, it taste like a "seafood shot" where all the juices squirt into your mouth.

Almost all of the prawns have the "orange liquid" at the heads that I call "he ko" in hokkien. The shells are nicely done, not overburnt with a bitter aftertaste. The prawns are very very fresh and oozes with goodness everytime we take a bite.

So big that when we were done with 10 prawns, we were almost full.

Do you want to have one?

Apart from the prawns, we tapao some "Food X" as well. Call it an entree or a dessert if you may. But this "Food X" is unlike anything we've savoured before.






















Here it is ....

Ta da

It comes in 3 flavours -

A) Grasshopper

B) Cockroach

C) Silk Worms

The Insect Feast

I've always wanted to try these bugs ever since I've heard of them from an ex-colleague of mine. He did warn me to consume them while it's hot, apparently they stink real bad when they're cool.

Of course I heeded his words, no point doubting ppl's advice. ;p

Here's my review in video, check it out.

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Chapter 15. MASSAGE MY LEG?

Sawadee - ka

After a whole day of shopping, we dragged our tired soles to Platinum Mall to have a comfy & relaxing leg massage.

This is my masseuse, let's call her Alice. She's very polite, and welcomes the customers with a heart-warming "Sawadee-ka".

The customers

The massage parlour is located at the basement level, and appears to be the only one in Platinum. (Trust us, we've searched - information accurate as of May 2008)

We placed our bottoms on the comfy, padded & cushioned lazy chairs and almost dozed off instantaneously. Must had been the relaxing music coupled with the dimmed lightings.

The towels were cold, would had been better warm

I was quite a nervous wreck because *shy* I'm a virgin. This is my first time and someone told me 1st times normally hurt. ;p Unsure at this point if they'll give angpao. (Ignore this if you don't get it)

Alice calmed my nerves and assured me everything was gonna be alright. She gently wrapped the moist towels around my feet and gave them a good wipe.

Initially I was afraid the smell emitting from those feet that had probably gone 10kms in the morning would be so pungent that Alice would faint. But she maintained her professionalism and showed no signs of gagging.

Alice working her magic

Alice then proceeded to send me into massage ecstasy with her mind-blowing techniques. Don't take her tiny frame for granted, she packs a killer's strength with every nudge, press and knead.

I liked it very much when she pulled on my toes and create a *Pluck* sound. I think she was expecting a *crack/klek* sound.

I could almost hear bones cracking

This is one of her techniques where she uses her finger bone (I dunno what you call that) to release a tremendous amount of pressure on my toes. It hurted like hell.

Much to my suprise I didn't feel any itch when Alice worked on my soles. I half expected myself to giggle like a schoolgirl but I felt more pain than itch.

Alice did suprise me midway when her hands massaged my lower thighs, continued up pass the knees and thank god they stopped halfway up my thigh.

The GF was sitting besides me and I reckon she wouldn't be amused to see another lady's hands so far up north or down south. Besides the (old lady + hands up north) combination just sounds so wrong.

The last maneuver

The entire massage lasted an hr and cost 280Baht. Cheap right?

My feet felt 10 kgs lighter and it felt like walking on clouds with the springy feeling. Sure felt good.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


After our Jatuchak shopping stint, we proceeded to Chinatown for lunch. The original plan was to have dinner at Chinatown, but we amended our itinery cause we had other plans tonight.

Yaowarat Road

A certain someone (forgot who?) told us that Yaowarat = Chinatown in Thai.

Where is it?

A funny incident last year where we were searching up and down for this particular restaurant recommended by forums.

We had taken Tuk tuks to Chinatown after our boat trip. We knew we were in Chinatown by the neon signs & huge signboards with chinese words. But we just couldn't locate it.

Checking map

Based on our trusty little map, we asked the locals with our limited Thai. Some just shook their heads, some tried to reply us, but alas in Thai. ;(

Look at the red arrows

As it turns out we were just standing outside this particular restaurant all the time. Haha

Lau Lee Restaurant

What are we having?

Waitress in red

This time around we decided to pay the restaurant another visit. Yeah the food is that good, and we didn't know where else to go. ;p

Kopitiam Deco

Lau Lee is divided into the upper and lower floor. Last year we sat upstairs where the tables and chairs are decorated with a more restaurant feel. This year we sat downstairs which feels more like a kopitiam.

海 外 天 (Sea Outside Sky)

I think the official name is 海 外 天, but don't you think Lau Lee feels more intimate?

Pictures of The King

The counter has countless pictures of His Majesty, which is found in almost every shop/house/store/ in Thailand. It's really amazing how much they love their king. I heard a story once about a foreigner in Bangkok who stepped on the King's potrait, he was bashed and whacked to death.

Do we love our Agung that much? I don't even know what's the fella's name. haha

Shark's Fin with Crab meat - 300Baht (5/5)

The Shark's Fin is served in thick chunks, a far cry from the usual Shark's Fin soup we consume back home, where we have to search high and low to find the shark's fin.

The tremendous size was the main reason we came all the way to Chinatown for lunch. I know it's an evil dish to have, where they cut the fins off the sharks and throw them back into the sea to bleed to death.

But how to resist?

鱼翅 捞饭 (haha)

Now we chinese have a dream to 鱼翅 捞饭 which literally means to eat plain rice with Shark's Fin and nothing else. (That means you're filthy rich)

I'm trying not to sound "hao lian" here, but 鱼翅 捞饭 tastes really really good. haha ;p

Here it is again. Check out the size

Special Fried Goat Meat w Chinese Brocolli - 150Baht (3/5)

Scallop w XO Sauce - 250Baht (3/5)

Bird's Nest - 100Baht (4/5)

The rest of the dishes were just mediocre but credit must be given for their long and auspicious sounding names. The Bird's Nest was the right remedy to relieve us of the hoooooooooot heat.

Yaowarat Road

Damn it, makes me wanna have the Shark's Fin soup again. We've read online that there are food stalls selling scrumptious delights in Chinatown at night. Too bad we couldn't make it.

Maybe next year then.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I = Singaporean

Just the other night, I was talking to an Angmoh, who was dining with his 2 sweet & cuddly little daughters. We chatted casually and then he asked me, "Are you from Singapore?"

I was stunned for a brief moment.

He continued, "Well your Engrish is like Singlish."

I replied, "Yesh I am. Why you have really good observation skills."

He said, "Well my wife used to work there for 8 years. Singlish is different from Manglish. It sounds more England (English)."


The reasons why I admitted to being a Singaporean:

  1. Singaporeans = high class.
  2. Their money is bigger.
  3. MRT is longer and more efficient than our LRT.
  4. Their gahmen don't discriminate against Chinese.
  5. Their passport last 10 years.
  6. Their gahmen don't simply give suprise. (Like sudden 0.78 petrol increase)
  7. Can visit Israel.
  8. Singaporean guy = more engtao. (So if "I = Singaporean guy" & "Singaporean guy = more engtao", then "I = more engtao")

The only thing I bueh tahan about Singapore is everything's so straight and orderly. (and hard to find pirated dvd)

Should I get a Singapore passport?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Beware: This post has tons of pictures and not much words. So those with low bandwidth please thread with care. ;p

One of the many entrances

Day 2, we set out to Jatuchak Market. I'm sure everyone has heard of this place. It is as evil as Genting Highlands as many visitors lose half their fortunes here.

Lonely Planet describes it as the mother of all markets. Deep inside its bowels you'll forget its daylight. Everyone leaves here with empty wallets, armful of plastic and thoroughly exhausted.

At the boundary

There are so many stalls at the market that they spill out onto the streets at the boundaries. The multiple entrances and exits leading into the market makes it really easy to get lost.

Last year we went passed a stall selling really sweet "couple tees", hesitated and decided to walk around first before deciding. When we tried to go back to that stall, we searched in vain.

"Eh, I'm sure we've walked past this stall le."
"Are you sure? I confirm this is the 1st time we've walked this section."

Keychains in various designs


Lovely key hangers

Still closed

We arrived at about 9.30am. Most of the shops are still closed or just opening, which suited us fine. It is less crowded and easier to bag a bargain.

The Thais are a superstitious bunch alike chinese, they would like to start out the day with a Bang (sell) and like to keep their 1st customer happy. So if you're the 1st customer of that shop, there's a high chance you'll get that bag/shoes/slippers/lights at the price which you bargained for.

Small Alleys

The alleys are really small, crowded and often without natural ventilation. Later in the day when the crowd start to pile up, it's amazing to see the shop owners chit-chatting leisurely without a care in the world while we were drenched in our own sweat and gasping for air. (sooooo hot)

Snack and drink vendors often ply their trade on these alleys, carrying their fares on baskets supported on their shoulders by a long bamboo.

Coasters with petals, beans, leaves etc (very innovative)

More clothes

Open air areas

Some of the alleys are unroofed, but as we get deeper into the market, its all closed up and damn easy to forget what time of the day it is. Especially when all we've got on our minds are,

"Damn cheap, must buy some more. Die loh, enough money or not? Got money exchange here or not?"

Food Stalls

Selling snacks

Hotdog wrapped with bacon (25Baht)

It was sooooo sinful, with oil and grease still dripping off its crispy corners. The hotdog blended well with the bacon and released a mouthful of goodness the moment you take a bite into it. The only thing missing is cheese from the middle of the hotdog. haha (double the sin)

The girls with a beautiful shop owner

Candles... So colorful and so delightful. Makes you wanna light them all up.

More food stalls

Lady selling some dessert

Strange Fruit X (20Baht)

Its a serving of 7 or so of "Fruit X" neatly halved for our convenience, topped with slashed ice. Fruit X is a mixture of yellow and brown color and tasted very sour. But it felt really refreshing and jolted us awake from our drowsiness from the afternoon heat with its ice+sour combination.

Hanging Lights (150Baht)

More food

More lights

Clothing alley

We found out last year that price haggling doesn't concord well with the stall owners. At one particular shoe shop, we tried the "walk out of the shop if you don't decrease the price" tactic.

It was a real slap in the face when the shop owner curtly replied, "Don't buy no problem. Price is very cheap already. No way you can find same pattern with cheaper price elsewhere." Much to our chagrin we went back and purchased that pair of shoes at his price. ;( *In Hokkien we call Lan Lan*

You can probably bargain to a 10-20% discount at most stalls but that's about it.

Assortment of stuff

Lights ....

More food ....

Potato balls? (25Baht)

Not really sure what's inside.

The crispy skin on the outside is coated with sugar. The inside appears to be of potato (or something similar) and we loved the crunchy texture. Great taste for a small snack.

Row of food stalls

There's a particular section with quite a large amount of food stalls. A quick peek inside revealed mostly local customers. Almost all of them serve local Thai food.

The food smelt nice, the drinks looked nice but the hygiene leaves a lot to be desired. Upon inspection of the place and weighting of pros and cons, we decided against having our lunch here.

It's not worth to get food poisoning on Day 2, not just because of hygiene, we probably wouldn't know half of what we stomach anyway.

Reminiscence of old times - Bottled soft drinks

Home wares

Another one of the portable food traders

Scary man

I turned around and spotted a man with a scary mask. Moments later I saw the man "boo" an asian lady. She screamed her lungs out as she practically "jumped outta her skin". haha. Damn funny.

Personalized shoes

Back to the bargaining issue, we think the main reason they don't really accept bargaining is because most of the stall owners here design and make their own stuff.

Some are aspiring designers while others are just got good copycats that replicate anything and everything from magazines. Thais are a really creative and innovative bunch. Most of the designs here are really unique and can't be obtained elsewhere.

So you can't really complain about paying slightly more for uniqueness can't you? Besides the price would still be cheaper than Malaysia anyway. Like I've mentioned before, you get what you pay.

Buy damn cheap ones, be sure to get a whole washing machine of stained clothes if you dump it into your normal washload. It's a simple mathematical equation of [ Higher price = Higher quality ]

More stuff

Puppies etc

Squirrels (Looks scary without fur)

The animal section has about 5-6 stalls selling puppies, kittens, hamsters and other domestic pet animals. We contemplated to get a puppy and smuggle it back to Australia. But I seriously doubt it'll last the journey. Even if it does, you reckon it'll pass custom?

Check out the video.

Look at the crowd!

So this is Jatuchak Market, the "Market of Dreams". It is near impossible to find another market as huge, with as many varieties and as captivating as it.

Everytime I come here I'd think to myself, "How good if I stay in Bangkok and get to come here every weekend." But then again if I'm residing in BKK I'd earn Baht and probably wouldn't find stuff there as cheap as I do now.

[ Jatuchak opens Fri-Sun, early till late ]

With heavy feet, we bid our friend goodbye. It'll probably be another year before we meet again. Till then take care of yourself, remember to wash your armpit and don't forget to take out the garbage. Adios.

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