Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Finding House

1st place we viewed. Smaller than our current place. $420/week

Accommodation in Australia is freaking expensive. Period.

We used to pay $1820 per month for 2 bedroom 1 bathroom. That's equivalent to RM5460 ! wtf.

Anyway long story short, we got evicted cause the owner's moving back into the property. So we have to find a new place to move.

Kennedy St

We managed to locate a place nearby at Kennedy St. 2 bathrooms 1 bedroom 1 car space and an enormous rooftop bbq area with a view of the city, all going for $575/week.

We applied for it and were apparently the only one who applied. Great news! Got it. We even had the price reduced to $550/week. *starts to imagine having BBQ there during new years eve with a view of the fireworks *

Problem solved or so we thought.

Actually I told the agent I wanted another view of the place to measure the door cause we have a massive refrigerator that could potentially not fit through the walkway.

Went back there 1 afternoon with the agent and lo and behold she brought another potential tenant to view the place. A caucasion in his mid 30s. Next day the agent told us the other applicant has got the place.


I asked for the reason and she mentioned that it was the preference of the owner. Racist. ;(

2 bedroom 1 bathroom - $440-$460 / week (meek street)

After that we had to continue our search. The only problem was when we thought we already had that place, we gave a notice to move out in 3 weeks time. And we couldn't retract that notice.

So die die must move out in 3 weeks time.

2 bedroom 2 bathroom for only $460/week. Foryst st. (damn cheap)

There was 30-40 interested parties in the place and we had to line up just to go view the place. We didn't apply cause the place was quite dirty.

2 bedroom 2 bathroom 1 LUG - $625/week (Elizabeth street)

This one is super duper nice. It's quite new, only 1 year+. But it was quite pricey + the carpet smelled like someone's cat died there. *blueh*

Wifey also viewed another property - THE JAMES during the week. 2 bedroom 2 bathroom for $450/week. Good price considering it's landed property. It was our 1st choice when we first saw the ad on the net.

Turns out it was so pathetically small "it's meant for mouse to live, not human." (wifey's comments)

New place

After all the searching, thank god we managed to find our place. 3 levels, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies and a car space. - for $450/week

What happened was I called the agent once we saw the ad on the internet. So he agreed to let us view the place on thursday, before the official inspection on Saturday. Once we saw it we applied for it and placed a deposit on the same day.

It was quite sneaky and I felt real bad when I joined the official inspection on Saturday. I wore a cap to avoid anyone recognizing me. The poor agent had to explain to them that the property had been taken and boy were they pissed!

Among them stood one of wifey's colleagues, Clancy. haha. She still doesn't know we were the one who went through the back door and placed a deposit on the place. I don't think she should ever find out. ;p

*It was actually a good thing we got rejected for the 1st place on Kennedy st. Now we get an extra bathroom and save $100/week. Plus it's only 100 metres from our current place.* Glee

Anyway we'll be moving next week. Busy busy.


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