Thursday, March 18, 2010

CNY eve + Rita's Farewell

Nice looking gift wrapped box

It was the 13th February, the eve of the Valentines day. I had previously went down to the city to buy a present for my babeh.

So I was contemplating whether to give her today or tomorrow. Finally decided to give it to her today, can't wait to give it to her. haha

She gave me a lovely V-day card the next day. Left it on the computer when I went to brush my teeth. So cheeky.


It was a set of earrings from Gucci. Hoped she liked it.

Besides that, it was also the eve of CNY. So excited. But there wasn't any CNY mood at all. So sad. ;(

We went down to Chatswood Mandarin to catch a cantonese flick, in search of some CNY mood through the movie.

72 Tenants of Properity

We went to watch the 72 Tenants of Prosperity. Initially I assumed it was a CNY-themed movie with red posters and the launch coinciding with CNY.

But apparently it's a remake of a 1970s film from the Shaw Brothers. Not exactly CNY-themed but still damn funny nonetheless.

It had so many famous actors & actresses in it because it was partly sponsored by TVB. It also had scenes from famous TVB series as well. Really ROFL.

Fish Soup Beehoon from May's Malaysian

Before the movie we had lunch at the food court below the cinema. Yummy fish soup beehoon for about $9.00. Luckily we only ordered 1 dish to share as the portion was gigantic.

At night we meet up with some friends for Rita's farewell. She's going back to Shanghai after a failed attempt at marriage and under constant pressure from her parents to return to the motherland.

We gathered at a korean BBQ buffet for $30/pax. When we sat down we started to chit chat while waiting for everyone to arrive and got told off for that! What nerve! The taukeh simply came over and ordered us to start eating.

No exaggeration. ORDERED!

I hope the place closes down the next time we pass that area.

All the food

Anyway the atmosphere was like a kopitiam with air-con, with the buffet table located right in the middle of the establishment.

There was a huge selection of pork, beef & chicken marinated in different sauce. Small variation of seafood included prawns, squid, mussel.

It's quite a good value for that price if you feel like gorging yourself.


Beware of eating buffet with PRC. They can't stop revisiting the buffet table to get more food eventhough they can't finish it themselves. The mentality is, "Since I've paid for it, I MUST get more value than my money's worth". Shoves all those food on the table and get others to finish it up.


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